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The Royal Hotel Seymour offers quality pub accommodation suitable for all types of needs or budget. All eight renovated hotel rooms offer climate controlled, split system heating and cooling.

Accommodation at The Royal Seymour Royal Hotel
Accommodation Rates

Ensuite Rooms

$80 per person and $10 for each additional person.

Queen or double bed
Climate controlled air-conditioning
Continental breakfast in the shared kitchenette

Standard Rooms with shared bathrooms

$70 per person and $10 for each additional person.

Queen bed + single bed room
Double bed + single bed room
Twin single bed room
Double bed room
All with climate controlled air-conditioning and continental breakfast in the shared kitchenette.

* Please note tariff is subject to change

Camping at The Royal Seymour Royal Hotel

Caravan and Camp Trailers

There is a large area at the back of the hotel where we are able to accommodate caravan and camper trailers, provided you are self sufficient and come into the hotel for a meal.